Welcome to our website for Nerd Therapy, our band!

Nerd Therapy is a band devoted to jamming with friends and sharing the music. We formed in 2013 as an outgrowth of a roots band and a local drumcircle. We quickly discovered that combining the jamming tradition of roots music with the trancelike-meditation of drumming expressed through mostly digital instruments created a rather unique sound.

Given the diverse musical interests of all five members and an appreciation of friendship and musical exploration, we decided to limit the "rules" of creative expression. Thus far, we have pretty much covered "everything" (sorry Country--you're still ruled out :-), even jamming an entire symphony one time! Sometimes we liken our style to the question, "What if you crossed the Grateful Dead with Nine Inch Nails?" If you simply play through our "Greatest Hits" you'll hear the genres jump around.

Each jam/rehearsal session yields an "album" of mixed-down material--sometimes every week! After several years of jamming and recording those jams, we have created a rather massive body of work that spans multiple genres and styles. The "songs" have grown, evolved, and morphed since 2013. Perhaps most "songs" are really just song ideas, and we have a rather massive project in trying to piece the best stuff together.

We title the best jams, and of those, we rank them from best (2) to worst (30). (Perfection is a lofty goal.) Click the "Play" links to load the tracks into our online media player for streaming or the download links. You can find the best stuff in "Greatest Hits." Other promising material is lumped into "Worth Pursuing," and the rest ... well, they are "Everything Else." :-)

We have also tried to keep editing to a minimum--what you hear is pretty much what happened live when we jammed. We do some mixing and some light editing nowadays, especially to clean up the bookends of each jam. But we hope that you also hear the spark--an excitement captured when we first tried an idea. Even if you just read the song titles (many of which have roots in odd places :-), we hope that you find something to enjoy.

We haven't played out yet--in time, we will. For now, have fun exploring!